Global Headquarters

Orien Pacific, Ltd.
900 Pudong Ave.
Suite 606, Shanghai, 200135
Ph: +86 (21) 5093 3825
Fx: +86 (21) 5093 3827

About our Services

Orien Pacific provides comprehensive services to various industry sectors such as:

Energy.  fossil, fission and renewable resources;

Transportation.  land, sea and air;

Infrastructure.   municipal and private bridges; buildings; structures; mobility; information technology; communication; water and waste technologies;

Chemical and Materials Processing.  organics, in-organics, petroleum, natural gas agro, oleo and pulp;

Machinery and Equipment.  lifts, elevators, escalators, cranes, pressure equipment, processing equipment and specialty pipe and tubing;

Natural Resources.  oil, gas, minerals and metals;

Consumer Products.  food and beverage, toys, furniture, leisure equipment, textiles and medical devices;

Regulatory.  trade, safety, environmental and compliance.

Our services are clear and unpretentious. Whether engineering and technically related or focused around product safety and compliance; indoctrination and training; management consulting in organizational, finance and tax matters or; assisting clients with their strategic growth and investment objectives, our flexibility and service delivery integration, ensure clients a fast-track approach to achieving their local and global strategies with a one-source solution provider.

For more specific infomation concerning our services, click on the appropriate service unit in the bar to the right. For a detailed breakout and explanation of a specific service or to discuss our capabilities, please contact us.