Global Headquarters

Orien Pacific, Ltd.
900 Pudong Ave.
Suite 606, Shanghai, 200135
Ph: +86 (21) 5093 3825
Fx: +86 (21) 5093 3827

Privacy Statement

Orien Pacific maintains a strict confidentiality policy on all personal related information received as a result of inquiries or contacts made with us, regardless of method or purpose.

Orien Pacific is committed to the protection of personal information and will not release such information to anyone outside of our Company without the prior consent of the individual.

Acquiring Personal Information

Personal information is obtained via correspondence and communications made with us in documents and electronic data, including email, facsimile, letter, telephone, visits our website or meetings with us in person.

Using Personal Information

Information obtained from individuals will be used for the sole purpose it was obtained.

Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Information

Orien Pacific does not disclose or transfer information to third parties unless required by law or in cases where we have obtained prior consent of the individual.

For further information, please contact Orien Pacific by telephone at +86 (21) 5093-3825 or by sending email to