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China and the Far East have been appealing for years to many Western companies looking to broaden or shift their base of engineering, manufacturing or assembly operations; acquire access to new markets or supply-chain sources; or to reduce their manufacturing costs. Equally, manufacturers in many developing countries are seeking out opportunities for new markets in developed economies and hence struggle in their understanding of processes, procedures and barriers. Add the wealth of the new Chinese middle-class (together with the strengthening of their currency) and it is clear that developed countries are beginning to understand the emerging consumer growth dynamics of China. In all three of these scenarios, companies and organizations are in need of rapid and effective, yet affordable assistance in attaining their strategies.

Much of this has come recently at some alarming consumer and political cost and collateral as concern over substandard and unsafe products has permeated a significant backlash against manufacturers in developing countries and those who import or trade with them globally. Orien Pacific has designed a group of integrated services to assist all concerns in the value chain.

As the competitive landscape changes, many companies are looking for new customers and new ways to strengthen and grow their business. Many companies are also looking for ways to lower manufacturing costs so that they may remain competitive. When a new client was asked recently why they were interested in manufacturing in China, they stated that they knew they had to be there because their ‘competition was there’.

Trouble is that if you shoot for your competitor targets, they are normally gone by the time you get there. Orien Pacific works to get you beyond today. Ahead of the game.

China has been particularly appealing for those looking to either add manufacturing capacity or to acquire new or existing products at more competitive prices. China has a tremendous manufacturing base that has proven to offer companies the price advantage they need to succeed in competitive markets.

For companies offering products and services, China is seen as a fresh, largely untapped market. China is a market eager to accept new products and services, with many huge success stories already told.

China might be right for you. But it may not be. Orien Pacific will help you gauge the market opportunities, the upside and downside and, market potential looking at data and up-to-date insider information. There are many emerging markets and opportunities. Let Orien Pacific assist you in finding the real ones.

Setting up shop, or simply building a sourcing and supply chain – count on Orien Pacific as your partner.

We will assist you in the engineering; design; statutory; negotiation; technical; financial; cultural and language; financial; taxation; translation; training and, other organizational matters needed to ensure you strategies are clear and obtainable.

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