Global Headquarters

Orien Pacific, Ltd.
900 Pudong Ave.
Suite 606, Shanghai, 200135
Ph: +86 (21) 5093 3825
Fx: +86 (21) 5093 3827

Conference, Exhibition and Hospitality Services

Trade Show, Exhibition and Event Arrangements, Coordination and Management.

Workspace, Meeting and Teleconferencing Facilities

Visa, Work Permit and Residency Assistance

Transportation, Accommodation and Logistics


Trade Show, Exhibition and Event Arrangements, Coordination and Management.

Orien Pacific’s strategy is simple. We strive to ensure your conference, trade show and exhibition event experience is organized, promoted, attuned to the audience and of the utmost in professional design, appearance and effect. That spells results and that is what we are about.

If you visit our Conferences & Exhibitions page you will find just a few of many upcoming industry events in China. Orien Pacific will assist you in targeting those events right for your business, bringing you the best opportunity to promote your product or service, while striving to stay within your budget.

We will assist with locating the best possible venue for you and then handle the essentials as needed including necessary logistics, advertising, invitations, exhibition space and materials, staffing, meeting facilitation and after-hours entertainment.
We provide the very basic needs to the most complex. We can essentially manage your event activities from conception to completion.

We are results oriented and will ensure complete implementation of client strategic plans and goals for each show, followed by professional show site and post-show management.
This includes:

  • » Development of strategic objectives and phased plan
  • » Event selection, exhibit location, hospitality planning and budgeting
  • » Pre-show promotion, advertising, direct-mail and local telemarketing
  • » Booth staff selection, scheduling and deployment
  • » Exhibit design, delivery, construction and set-up
  • » Exhibit panel design and manufacturing
  • » Transportation and logistics
  • » Show management, traffic building, management and problem resolution
  • » Sales lead management and post-show follow-up in local language

Orien Pacific supports activities in various industries including: consumer, engineering, metals and materials, manufacturing, process, chemical, foods, insurance, medical, agricultural, petroleum, hospitality, environmental, energy, aerospace, and others.

We will take you through each step of an event to ensure no detail is overlooked. A successful event will increase your profile and recognition in industry. We will guide you as necessary to ensure that outcome. Our customized service packages include front-end to back-end assistance as needed.

Workspace, Meeting and Teleconferencing Facilities

Need a base to work from while visiting or working on temporary assignment in China? Whether a single desk or several, a meeting room or other ad-hoc conveniences, Orien Pacific offers client’s a virtual office solution, specially designed t fit individual needs.

Our facilities feature 24 hour security, are available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and are priced according to needs. The complimentary basics include:

  • » Fully equipped desk and work area
  • » HP Thin Client Terminals, 17” flat screen monitors and typical office productivity programs.
  • » Broadband Internet access, including wireless for individual computers
  • » Mail service
  • » Bottled drinking water
  • » Refrigerator
  • » Guest reception service
  • » Taxi call service
  • » Restaurant reservation service

In addition, we can offer :

  • » Land line phones for domestic calls
  • » VoIP phones for International dialing
  • » Dedicated phone and fax lines with reception service
  • » Facsimile, photocopy and scanning
  • » Secretarial services (English and Chinese)
  • » Courier service
  • » Meeting and teleconference facilities
  • » Meeting escort and interpretation services
  • » Flipcharts, whiteboards and projection equipment
  • » Document translation
  • » Presentation development and binding
  • » Tea and coffee service
  • » Light catering
  • » Newspaper service
  • » Business card printing
  • » Representative office registration
  • » Hotel bookings and transportation

If staying temporarily in Shanghai, we have negotiated rates with exclusive hotels in the area. Our favorite, the newly constructed Long de Feng All-Suites Hotel is a three minute walk from the office. Longer stays may prefer one of the many fully furnished short-term apartments. There are several exclusive properties in the vicinity of our office.

All of our plans are custom tailored to ensure the best possible service and experience. Contact us today with your needs.


Visa, Work Permit and Residency Assistance

Ensuring all legal entry and activity documents are correctly processed and registered is a must to insure your initial and ongoing access to China is unfettered and without event.

China, like many countries takes a very dim view to individuals entering and engaging in activity beyond their prescribed entry and purpose of visit.

It is not uncommon for foreigners identified as participating in activities beyond their approved status to be denied future visa approval.

Rules and regulations are constantly changing and we will do our best to advise you of them.

Work with Orien Pacific to obtain the necessary work and residency permits to ensure your entry is never compromised and stays are never interrupted.


Transportation, Accommodation and Logistics

International travelers seldom have time to suffer delays and anomalies in transportation, accommodations or other logistics. Orien Pacific will develop a custom tailored front-to-back program for you to ensure your experiences are at the best possible level from arrival through departure.

Even the most seasoned of international traveler will face difficulties in dealing with language and customs upon arrival to China.

Our professional staff will meet you on arrival and work from that point forward to make your stay a success.
If traveling within China, Orien Pacific can assist in the various transportation logistics to mitigate the occurrence of problems.
All needs are different so we will work out a program for you. Contact us with your requirements for:

  • » Meet and Greet
  • » Transportation
  • » Accommodations
  • » Restaurant recommendations and bookings
  • » Internal travel recommendations and plans
  • » Escort